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Our small shop started by mistake.




James Klym had an unfortunate accident while doing a home building project, where he cut off almost half of his right hand using a table saw.

Now, this is where it gets interesting, not that cutting off half a hand isn't, but where others would have sworn off the use of machinery, James decided to plunge himself into what would later become a career in woodworking,

vet guitar.jpeg
skateboard guitar.jpeg

After completing a couple years of physiotherapy, he began learning how to craft guitars. This resulted in a couple failed attempts, which resulted in James searching for a guitar building teacher. 

After studying the art of luthiery in depth with some of Canada's leading luthiery schools, he sought out to build up the skills needed to build quality instruments.

JK Custom Guitars was created in 2012 and has since then grown into a sustainable small business that continues growing while supporting all areas of life.


James Klym

With over 12 years experience building guitars, his resume includes making custom guitars for Alice Cooper, Jeff Martin of the Tea Party, The Road Heavy and many more.

James describes himself as easy going and laid back. He is passionate for music and building guitars. He is a maker at heart.

Top musical influences include David Bowie, Eagles, Jingle Cats and Meatloaf.

Sasha Da Costa

Quiet & reserved, with a DIY mentality.


Artist at heart, self-taught musician playing by ear alone, builder, & aspiring engineer, with a passion of learning how things operate since childhood. Having dismantled, tinkered, & re-assembled everything from toys to guitars, bikes, & automobiles - maticulous to every little detail.


Top Bands of influence: The Clash, NIN, NoFx, The Ramones, & Idles

Ohserase Hemlock

Music is my life! I build guitars and I play 'em.


Listen to a lot of metal, punk, amongst many other genres. I love movies! Horror, fantasy, sci/fi are my favorites. I read a lot of books. History, Horror, The Occult, Vikings are some of my favorite subjects. I study and practice martial arts.


Too many hobbies to name.

Lance "Mantis" Montour

Nerdy lover of all things METAL! Videogames and RPGs!


Amatuer/Semi Okay-ish Muscian, Twitch Streamer and Home Brewer. Total guitar nerd. Influences include Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhaods, Steve Vai… And of course myself because I had to figure out all this crap on my own!

Tehoniatarahthe "Boodie" Diabo

Also known as “Boodie”, I am kanien’keha:ka from Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.


I like art, music, and anything horror related. I still have much to learn in the world of guitar building, but I strive to improve with every task that comes my way.

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