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Enter The Shred

When the pieces of a skater's soul are shattered and left in ruins on a halfpipe, what then?


When the sword and shield of these battle-hardened warriors are dull and become broken..what then?


Must they be left desolated, or can they become something.... more?


Enter the skateboard series guitar, masterfully re-forged to enter a new kind of battle, these guitars are re-made from the broken decks of skaters to shred the air with a guitarist. 


Before a seed can be planted.Before the pieces of skaters dream can be put back together and  be called done. It must start at the beginning – Ground Zero.


From the tail pipe to it's first tune, each guitar is taken from the recycled pieces of skateboard by our seasoned craftsman and remade as our signature skateboard series guitar.


Tested and stressed to ensure the very best in quality and care to guarantee your satisfaction.

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